February 2016

Kirstin + Steven

Steven and I lived on the same floor when we where in college, and for a few month stretch we had a pretty entertaining prank war going on. The war ended when Steven threw a very overripe mango into my second story window, which exploded, and ended with all of my belongings being caked in a slimy, fruity film. We lost touch for a long time after that, but about ten years later Steven contacted me and Hannah about filming his wedding in Duluth. Having had ample time to recover from “The Mango Incident” I was excited to re-connect with Steven and meet his finance, Kirstin. Since then the four of us have become friends, and Steven and I came to realize that we have more in common today, then back when we where throwing fruit at each other.

Hannah and I had an incredible time filming a portrait session with these two on the shores of Lake Superior and Lester Park. I want to specifically thank photographer, Russell Heeter, for being amazing to work with and scouting out these beautiful locations. Steven and Kirstin’s day went absolutely perfectly, and Russell played a big role in that! The setting of this wedding really was the best of both worlds for us, Kirstin and Steven’s wedding and reception took place in the historic Greysolon Ballroom in downtown Duluth, but we also got to film in some really beautiful Minnesota nature.

Elise + Kevin

It was remarkable to see the support that Elise and Kevin received from their family and friends who flew in from LA to attended their wedding. Elise’s father who lives in Minnesota was expecting the wedding to be small, and was quite surprised by the California turn out. This beautiful celebration was held at the Wayzata Free Church and Calhoun Beach Club. We loved the floral, especially with the lovely September light illuminating the tables. It’s sometimes these lovely little details that we get excited about!