We are Tim and Hannah Baias


We’re so happy you found your way to our little corner of the internet. We are a husband & wife dynamic duo of sorts. In 2009 we met and bonded over a love of coffee snobbery, fine art, buttery french pastry and traveling to new places. Only 10 months later we were happily married and soon started this wonderful small business that not only brings other people a lot of joy, but we also have fun doing! And, let’s be honest… we get to edit together from our home office in Minneapolis, with our two standard poodles keeping our feet warm all day. It’s pretty awesome.


A wedding is so much more than an elegant event, it’s the beginning of a new family. It’s a mile-marker where loving friends and family gather together to celebrate two individuals coming together out of mutual love and respect. It is our privilege to create heirloom films that allow our clients and their families to relive this important day in their family’s history for generations to come.


Weddings are a time of laughter and celebration, they’re a time of tears and anticipation. A time to look back at how the couple came together and look forward to a hopeful future. It’s our responsibility to artfully capture the emotions and events that make up the story of their wedding day. Of course we’re going to capture beautiful footage of couples at sunset and impressive shots of elaborate floral displays, but at the end of the day what stands the test of time are moments like mom pinning her daughter’s veil, a groom getting teary eyed as he sees his bride for the first time, or hearing guests erupt in laughter from the best-man’s goofy toast.These are the moments we’ve received countless thank you notes for, and the moments that our couples cherish the rest of their lives.