Heidi and Dan

Heidi + Dan

We first met Heidi and Dan at their condo. A Daft Punk album spun on a record player next to a Lego of First Ave. as Heidi warmly welcomed us at the door. Music posters and records were prominently displayed on the walls and shelves in their spacious living room. Sitting down to discuss the plans for the wedding, we instantly recognized the love these two had for music and the importance it played in bringing them together. They emphasized that they didn’t want their music to be just background but a marker to remember their wedding day by. Their music needed to be meaningful. It needed to be personal.

Music is a subject that comes up with all of our wedding films, and the process by which it is chosen is much more involved than many people fully realize. As we select music, we take care to choose tracks that compliment the event, the location, and the couples’ personalities from a handful of licensing sites that clear music with various artists and labels. Finding the right music for each film is the first step in our process and lays out the framework for the edit. Heidi and Dan were in the back of our minds whenever we listened to music, and by the time we started their edit, we had compiled a folder of over thirty tracks that could work for their film.

We created a story using the right combination of music and speeches, and then layered in the footage. Satisfied with the end result, we sent Heidi and Dan their video.

This was their response:
“We absolutely love everything about it.  FANTASTIC JOB!!!! Lots of tears were shed. Also, the music is Perfection. Nailed it.

Heidi and Dan”


Heidi + Dan