Maleeha + Ali


Every year we get the opportunity to film a few weddings down in Chicago, and this spirited multi-day South Asian wedding was one of the highlights of our wedding season. One of our favorite traditions in South Asian weddings is the rukhsati, the bride and groom saying goodbye to their families as they leave the wedding. It’s usually a long tearful event, and we are often able to capture some of the biggest emotion during this final goodbye. Maleeha and Ali’s rukhsati was so emotionally charged, and fun all at the same time. There’s was just so much energy and excitement as this lovely couple exited their wedding and drove away in an Audi R8 race car while surrounded by hundreds of their friends and family.


Décor: Dream Decor

Photography: Mcree Photography

Venue: Ashton Place

Venue: Shalimar Banquets

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